by Good Terms

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Emotional punk recorded live for that real raw feel.


released December 22, 2013

Mixed and mastered by Chris McManus at Blank Studios.



all rights reserved


Good Terms Sunderland, UK

Emotional punk rock from northern England.

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Track Name: Frosties Are Just Cornflakes For People Who Can't Face Reality
Don't come in the house, please stay outside, you don't want to meet the greatest fear I have to hide. Her name is Bella, she tells me to play with cars, come find me crying beneath the tree tops.
I should've gone home when you asked me to, if anyone's to blame it wouldn't be you, please help me.
My mind is clouded, all I can hear is "Help me I'm downing in the tales you're telling, I should've gone home."
Track Name: Son Of A Bitch, I'm Sick Of These Dolphins
Is it too loud? I'm sorry for the cry for help, should I turn the volume down? Why won't things change? Why can't I call? I haven't meant to wait so long, I've just had a lot going on and still I didn't really want to.
Save me from the ongoing pressure, I'm more high than dry. I probably won't leave this room don't waste your time, just pass me by.
Track Name: Today, We Are Cancelling The Apocalypse!
You took everything and made me a cliché. These past few hours seemed to feel like days. I have no reach and no trace of where I am today, you twist everything to hold me this way. I fucking hate you.
You took me from everything I could've been, gradually these bike wheels are wearing thin. I can't see dragging weight being good for me, wait and see how much is really left of me.
Track Name: Your Presence Is Required... Or Rather It Is Requested, Tonight, 1900 Hours, Holodeck Two
Where did your smile go? It was looking fine last year. You seem idle, why did you bother coming here? You were so much happier back then, I remember when you used to smile with feeling for me, for us, for me.
There's no sense in hiding behind falsities we've shared, an elephant's laid bare and I can't find a feeling you can borrow.